Control4 smart home systems are completely customizable for your home and lifestyle. While that makes for an amazing daily experience, it also makes for a high-tech and challenging installation that a layperson shouldn’t attempt.


Whatever your Control4 package, SmartAve ensures that it’s expertly installed to run smoothly and intuitively from day one. Whether you need smart climate control, smart lighting, top-notch whole-home networking, infallible security—or anything else that the extensive Control4 catalogue offers—you can trust the SmartAve professional installers to do it right.

Not only will your Control4 system be installed correctly according to the manufacturer specs but we’ll also consider the unique needs of your home and lifestyle. For example, the Control4 system integrates with over 12,000 different connected devices you might have. That means that navigating the set-up on your own or with an untrained installer is sure to lead to frustration and overwhelm. SmartAve partners with you to determine the best smart home design for your existing devices and systems, daily routines and biggest wants or needs.

Hiring SmartAve to take care of your Control4 installation means that you can go from “boxes of technical equipment” to a fully functional smart home system in record time—without lifting a finger. Ultimately, you can relax and feel confident that everything is set up precisely and safely according to your vision.

We go the extra mile to ensure that everything we do is achieved on time, on budget and to your complete satisfaction.

Need a professional installation that matches the quality of your Control4 smart home system?