Sonos smart speakers and home sound systems are celebrated for their modern convenience and top-notch sound quality. We’ll set up your Sonos sound system so that it integrates with your smart home and runs seamlessly from day one.


When it comes to installations of your Sonos sound system, we’re not just hired help. We do far more than show up, unbox your system and plug it in. Instead, we help you design a smart sound system that fits your home and lifestyle like a glove.

We advise you on the right Sonos products for your home, and then we determine the best placement for optimal acoustics—whether you’ll be watching a film with family or playing music for your friends.

Setting up a smart sound system properly takes expert know-how of sound and electronics. And with the high-tech offerings of Sonos, it’s even more important that you get the installation right. For example, Sonos offers integration with your smart home system, including with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Plus, all Sonos systems come equipped with remote control via the Sonos app.

We ensure that you take advantage of every great innovation Sonos has introduced, walking you through how to use the Sonos app and how to play to your speakers directly from any device. Ultimately, we help you get the best quality sound for each room in your home.

SmartAve is an approved Sonos installer, so we’re always up to date on the latest Sonos offerings. We go the extra mile to ensure that everything we do is achieved on time, on budget and to your complete satisfaction.

Need a professional installation that matches the quality of your Sonos sound system?