Installing and connecting all things digital

We install and connect every kind of digital equipment, including audio, visual, TVs, home entertainment, lighting and digital products. Whether it’s a high-end audio system or a satellite dish, a domestic computer network or a complete home cinema, trust SmartAVe to provide the quality and service you need. From our base in North London, we work nationwide, and with ten years’ experience, we can handle all things digital.
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Whole Home Control Systems

Wherever you might be, wouldn't it be so satisfying to know that you are in complete and instant control of your home? Of course, the needs of each individual homeowner or family are different - as is each home - but our experienced and dedicated SmartAve team can create a working package to meet your exact needs.

Delivering bespoke home control systems to match your specific needs

Each of the many whole home control systems we have already successfully designed has allowed the user to manage the operation of the key electronic elements of their home in the way they wish to. For you, this might include:

- Total and instant management of your home's heating or air conditioning systems. Our intuitive controls allow you to precisely set the temperature for each room. As well as helping to reduce ever-increasing energy costs, this means that the temperature can be as warm or cool as you wish it to be when you arrive home.

- Specially-created intelligent lighting can allow you to match the level to your mood or specific area of your home. You can also control this remotely, giving the appearance of your presence even when you are absent.

- Your digital activities can all be interconnected. This means you can access phones, routers, computers or printers remotely - allowing you to be both in-touch and pro-active wherever you might be. You can choose to use cloud or server based options, and your network can even be integrated with any audio-visual or home-security systems. 

- The sound and video possibilities you desire - from home cinema or flat screen TV to games consoles and stunning digital sound choices using discreet speakers - can be interconnected while that messy cabling is completely hidden from view. 

Designing that unique home control system for you

With each home and client having unique needs, our starting point is always a no-obligation discussion where you can tell us how connected you wish to be. Please call us now on 020 3589 2161 to start this conversation.

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